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Firearms Certificate

Because the SLRC does not have a Provisional Membership scheme we are unable to accept new members who do not have a current FAC. You will not be allowed to shoot with the club at Bisley unless you have a Certificate of Competence acceptable to the NRA. If you do not possess a Certificate of Competence, this can be arranged with our Chairman.

Personal Details

As requested on the application form, these are needed for our own records and because we are obliged to inform the police of any application for membership.

Proposer & Seconder

The application form must be signed by two current members of the SLRC.


On the application form please give contact details of a named official of a Home Office approved club; we would prefer the reference to come from your principal club as listed on your FAC. In any case we need to know the name and address of your principal club (and the name and contact details of the Club Secretary) as this information must be passed to the police by us.


Currently on joining the initial fee is £42.00 at any time during the first year which runs from 1st April to 31st March. Discounts are available on renewals.


We need three passport type photos, one for your membership card, one for our records and one for a spare. We are not able to accept digital images.


Of the first page of your FAC. Both for your bona fides and to verify your photographs. For your security we suggest that you clearly endorse this copy FAC as ‘Copy’ or ‘Specimen’ or use a commercial ‘Fraud’ copy paper.


You must sign the application form to validate that you are not prohibited from possessing a firearm and ammunition, or had an FAC or shotgun cert. refused or had a FAC revoked by the Police.

Key And Membership card

Successful applicants will receive a membership card and a key to the SLRC club house. The key will enable you to use the club house 24/7.The lock is changed annually, after the AGM, and all members are issued with new keys.


To apply for membership please email "enquiries@" and you will be sent an application form and notes to assist.

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